We provide biomass solutions for enterprises requiring sustainable, economical and environmentally friendly feedstock.


Reduce/Reuse/Recycle/Rethink – TreeFree


THIS IS NOT PAPER (as you knew it)

TreeFree Biomass Solutions Inc. provides cost effective solutions for industrial, biotech and consumer enterprises. Our market advantage is; the ability to provide an environmentally friendly, sustainable feedstock. The exclusive TreeFree international patents for planting, growing, harvesting and refining a vastly improved and domesticated genus of Arundo Donax called Nile Fiber™ make possible the manufacture of countless essential products. The results are high quality pulp, paper, building materials, bio-fuels, bio-energy, pharmaceutical products, chemicals and more. All without destroying a single tree.

Beginning in 1999 TreeFree , commissioned scientific research at the University of Washington, Washington State University and Auburn University to pioneer, verify and patent revolutionary standards for utilizing Nile Fiber™. Using TreeFree technology, per acre net biomass production is more than 15 times that of trees. Nile Fiber™ can grow up to 30 feet in height in less than a year. The crop never needs replanting and will continue to grow indefinitely, allowing the harvesting process to be repeated every 9-12 months.

Reduce/Reuse/Recycle/Rethink - TreeFree


Pulp and Paper - Our patented pulp and paper processes dramatically lower costs to manufacture countless superior quality consumer and industrial pulp and paper based products.  Use less energy, fewer chemicals and resources than existing wood based procedures.

Chemical Extraction - “Green/ bio-plastics,” fabrics, pharmaceuticals; TreeFree patent pending solutions are cost-effective chemical building blocks that enable manufacturers to reduce their dependency on petroleum products.

Building Materials - Proprietary, adaptable and economical.  Compared with traditional tree-based methods, our patent pending OSB/ MDF solutions create lighter, stronger, more water resistant and less costly product for automobile, home building and furniture components.

Bio-Fuels/Bioenergy - TreeFree patented planting processes are the most effective way to grow Nile Fiber™, one of the world’s most efficient renewable feedstocks producing more gallons per acre than its competition, thus insuring a sustainable means of reducing the need for crude oil sources.

Healthcare - Xylitol is widely recognized as nature’s most perfect sweetener.  Our patent pending refining process allows for distillation of Nile Fiber™ chemical by-product into high quality natural Xylitol so healthful it’s approved for diabetic diets.

Forage -  The TreeFree patented growing processes supply the cornerstone to bountiful forage/ fodder crops to provide abundant low cost healthy diets for livestock.

Phytoremediation - Wherever Nile Fiber™ is grown its unique ability to absorb, degrade or eliminate pollutants in soils, water and air aids in reducing atmospheric warming and pollution. Our patented growing  process insures a robust, sustainable and versatile crop.